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What We Do

JarX Concepts plays two roles in building strong businesses. (1) Injecting capital to post-revenue, early stage companies and (2) providing technology development expertise.


Our Approach

JarX Concepts works with our portfolio of businesses to provide the necessary resources.


Our Mission

The mission of JarX Concepts is to identify businesses that can leverage JarX resources to become profitable enterprises.


The 302

JarX Concepts is leading the development of the The 302, a new social media platform (mobile being the primary platform) that will facilitate information and conversation related to government contracts. It will be used by government contracting professionals to (1) review the details of new and historical contracting opportunities, (2) engage in conversation about those awards.

It is called the “The 302” because in the United States: “The budget resolution sets the 302(a) allocation for the Appropriations Committee, which is the overall cap on discretionary spending. For FY14, the 302(a) allocation is $967 billion.”

Ready, Set, Food

Angel Investment

Glamping Unplugged

Angel Investment

Angel Investment

JarX Concepts makes investments in early stage, post-revenue businesses. 


JarX Concepts has a deep background in software development. Leveraging this expertise, JarX Concepts can execute the development of software minimal viable products for early stage startups.


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Andrew Tosh,
Managing Director